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300,000 Step Challenge – October 2021

I’m taking part in this event to raise awareness about preventing bowel cancer. This is a win win.

The Jodi Lee step challenge provides me with a goal I need to stay healthy and also do something for others by raising awareness of bowel cancer prevention among my family, friends and acquaintances and maybe even save a life. 

I am a very irregular walker and not in the habit of walking every day so 10,000 steps a day for a month could prove to be quite a challenge for me! Please click the button below to find out more or offer support…….

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Previous Jodi Lee Challenges

Unfortunately the next JLF trek  at Apollo Bay Victoria on the 15-16 October has been cancelled. Covid 19nstrikes again!

JLF Trek Start
Peters Hill lookout
Heysen Trail rain
JLF Trek
2021-05-15 JLF Trek_06
JLF Trek Volunteer Team
Crawford Forest Boardwalk
JLF Trek
JLF Trek
JLF Trek 2021
JLF Trek 2021 finish line


Please click here to find out more about the Jodi Lee Foundation or the link below to go to my JLF Trek page.

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