Rotarian and Rotary Club Donations

Are you a Rotary member or a Rotary Club?

Good news, you and your Rotary club will receive credit and recognition for your donations to the Rotary Foundation.

Individual Donations (see below for club donations)

As a Rotary member you will receive all applicable Rotary Foundation credit and recognition for your donations to this Raise for Rotary fundraiser. When going through the donation process, you will be prompted to input your Rotary business email (for example, the email you use to log into My Rotary), which will allow the system to credit you appropriately (as well as your club and district).

Donations are tax deductable (Australia) and you will receive a receipt from the Rotary Foundation.

Club Donations

Clubs cannot contribute directly on Raise for Rotary; the site is only set up for individual donations. However there is a workaround, as a club you can simply donate as you usually would to the Foundation. Then let me know the donation amount. Use the form below or send me an email. I can then record the contribution as a donation in support of this cause and the Rotary Foundation..