Mount Miketeebumulgrai Hike – Glasshouse Mountains Qld

Mount-Miketeebumulgrai - Summit


Nestled within the scenic Glass House Mountains National Park in Queensland, Australia, Mount Miketeebumulgrai awaits adventurous souls seeking a short but challenging hiking experience. Particularly if it is wet! This is my first hike in a long time so it really got the heart rate up.

While its name might be a tongue-twister, the mountain itself offers a fascinating blend of natural beauty, challenging terrain, and some glimpses into the region’s agricultural heart and the other glasshouse mountains.

The Basics

Mt. Elimbah
Mount Miketeebumulgrai
  • Name: Mount Miketeebumulgrai (affectionately known as “Mt. Mike”)
  • Height: Twice as tall as its neighbor, Mt. Elimbah
  • Elevation: About 203 Meters (666 Feet) above sea level.
  • Elevation Gain: 147 Meters.
  • Trail Difficulty: Moderately challenging with a steep ascent through eucalypt forest.
  • Views: While the vistas from the top aren’t jaw-dropping, they reveal extensive horticulture on the plains below—think strawberries and pineapples.

This is a National Park with nowhere to park. There was a small space on the side of the road about 300 meters from the entrance sign.

The Ascent

The trail to Mt. Miketeebumulgrai begins behind the National Park sign. The track is a direct ascent no zig zagging here. The trail is marked with what was pink tape around a few trees. The tape has aged and is hard to spot particularly on the way up on a dull late afternoon.

Behind the entrance sign you follow a track leading to an old quarry scar. Today this track was more of a small creek. At the small quarry you head off to the right a little and start the steeper ascent. Which is over loose rocks and leaf litter all the way to the summit. I could not determine the track a few times on the way up but the route is a simple direct line to the summit so hard to get lost.

At the top, you’ll find a slightly clearer area and stone cairn. No spectacular views though. I was ready for this and brought a drone to take a couple of photos from above the trees.

Mount-Miketeebumulgrai - above the trees view

The Descent

The rain came while I was at the summit so a wet descent. Not recommended!! Fortunately, I had my hiking poles with me and they paid for themselves again today saving me from several slips and potential falls. Even used the trekking umbrella as well!

I found it was much easier to pick out the trail on the way down although it was still a slow descent.

Mt. Elimbah lies just 6 kilometers up the road and can be done on the same day. Combine both hikes for a day of exploration. Mt. Elimbah has much better views.


While Mt. Miketeebumulgrai may not grace postcards or travel brochures, it holds its own allure. So, lace up your hiking boots, embrace the eucalypt-scented air, and discover the hidden stories etched into its rocky slopes. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a curious beginner, Mt. Mike invites you to explore its quiet majesty.