Voie Vézelay Day 3 – Charpuis to Saint-Révérien 24.4km

Steven with Sunflowers at Bois du Bouquin

Woke up in Charpuis to rain and thunder which continued all day with only a few short periods with no rain. A longer walking day today as well.

Started out with the sea to summit ultrasil poncho tarp. Switched to an umbrella when the rain eased. Which is ok until the wind picks up. But you have to stick with your choice until the rain stops or until you can find shelter (rare).

I made a video of hiking with the trekking umbrella and later while sheltering in a bus stop about 2km past Pazy made a video about the use of waterproof socks. Too wet to take many photos while walking today.

Passed fields with rolled up hay, Sunflowers and crossed the Canal du Nivernais at Chaumot. The entertainment today was a harvester crashing into a tree right in front of me at Brèches.

Photos of todays walk

The accommodation in Saint-Révérien is the Refuge municipal – Jan de Beer, régisseur which is close to the church. The Eglise Saint-Révérien church bells still ring 12 times for midnight outside the bedroom window!

Saint-Révérien is a rural village located in the heart of the Nivernais, at the gates of the Morvan. It has nearly 200 inhabitants and 6 hamlets.