Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

On the last day of our trip before returning to Australia we woke up to a great morning clear blue sky and sunshine. So we are off to Vinpearl for the day. Caught the bus in front of the hotel around 10am and were at the cable car about 25min later. To get to the island you take the longest overwater cable car in the world. Bought 2 day passes which includes the return cable car ride, water park, amusement rides and aquarium etc. Cost $15.00.

This was the greatest day if you get to Nha Trang it is a must do!! The aquarium was spectacular as was the fountain light show in the evening we nearly left as it got dark but Trish wanted to see it and she was rapped and thoroughly enjoyed it. I played in the amusement park even went on some of the water slides. And for a break we just floated along on the lazy river. I will try and upload some video in this post.

Big Shark

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