Voie Vézelay Day 4 Saint-Révérien to SiChamps 22.3 Km

Voie Vezelay - SiChamps_Pilgrim Donativo

Except for a short walk on a roman road through a forest 1km maybe, the walk from today was an all a road walking day.

Route Video

This is supposed to be the quietest route. I just happened to be walking this route when there are two groups of French vacation walkers. One group of six one group of four and then three other people walking independently. This is usually okay except the accommodation is geared up for only a few walkers. For example, the next place is Corbigny but the only accommodation still available has only 4 beds. So accommodation is an issue.

Came across the bibliothèque at Moussy lavoir. Lots of hanging scallop shells and a large free book exchange here. Nice what some communities do along the way.

Anyhow, the Camino is a bit like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you are going to get. The whole centre of Premary was turned into a huge market. Bought some local pastries for lunch.

I went off track today to a donativo In Sichamps. A donativo it’s usually a place attached to a house, something like a granny flat. So that’s what I was expecting. I was amazed when I arrived at the address to find a big set of electric gates. Thought I must have been at the wrong place but pushed the buzzer at the gate spoke to the host and this was the right place. The gates were opened for a 5 min walk up the driveway through parkland with lion statues to a chateau like house within the grounds, heated swimming pool, sports cars, statues everywhere this was actually the donativo!!
A very pleasant evening with a bbq French style meal with white and red wine. Chatting with our host until late and then the local schnapps was brought out. Was good, but more like flavored alcohol.

I have now reserved accommodation beds 5 days in advance.

So slept in and a late departure. Walking with an Austrian teacher for a while. She is walking for 2 weeks and stayed at the same place. She is having so much trouble with accommodation, she’s decided to catch the train from Nevers to Limoges and start again from there.

A donativo is a pilgrim hostel that operates on a donation basis. It means that you can pay as much as you want or can afford for your stay5. Donativos are usually run by volunteers or religious communities who offer hospitality and service to the pilgrims. Some donativos may also provide meals, laundry, or other amenities. Donativos are not free, but they are based on generosity and gratitude. You can find donativos along the Camino de Santiago in Spain and France, as well as other pilgrimage routes.

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