Voie Vézelay Day 7 Chapelle Hugon to Augy Sur Aubois

Canal de Berry Sancoins

Chapelle-Hugon to Augy-Sur-Aubois 19.8 km

Except for a start along 3km of busy road today was a flat, pretty and enjoyable walk next to the decommissioned Canal du Berry.

Old wayside cross near La Croix France

Found a supermarket a little off track on the outskirts of Sancoins to replenish supplies.

The cross in the photo was erected in 1664 is next to where I am staying.

Tonight’s accommodation is at Nos Repos – René Heinrichs the La Croix Pilgrims hostel at the village of La Croix,

Thats it for the walk today.

If your interested, the following is just a little insight in the ‘challenge’ part and on the repetative strain to be overcome. For me there five physical and mental stages when walking for weeks. This is stage one

Fortunately I have done a couple very long walks before and now know what to expect from the body and mind. Does not make this stage any easier though.

For me it takes 11 to 15 days of 20km+ days for the body to change and adapt to the repetative strain. Maybe more now I am older?

The first mental challenge for me starts at around 10 days lasts for a few days. So there is an overlap period of time where the body has so many aches and pains and is saying thats it, I have had enough, stop treating me this way. And then the part of the brain that listens to what the body says goes and agrees with it!

So for the most part I don’t agree with the adage ‘listen to you body’ unless somethings broke or breaking then fine, but when it is just winging and carrying on, you just have to make sure it knows who’s the boss here.

As for the mind it is just a matter of controlling the argument going on between ‘thats enough lets stop now, your not going to make it, look after your knee etc and the desire to overcome and succeed.

The most important voice to me now is: You idiot your 68 walking through France amazing scenery and enjoying life. How blessed am I, make the most of it.

Two sayings I have:

Attitude is everything

There is no such thing as trying. There is only doing or not doing.