Camino via Podiensis Day 1 Le Puy to Montbonnet

Camino La Puy Route Day 1. 15.52k done 804.48k to go to SJPDP.

Well I knew this Camino was going to be different. My Camino starts with attending the 7am Pilgrims Mass and blessing at the Cathedral in Le Puy. Stats. I counted 62 Pilgrims, there were 2 Portuguese, 4 Swiss, 6 Germans, 49 French and 1 Australian! Moi.

Set off down the steps that go through the floor and out of the Cathedral. Was a strange feeling to take that first step outside of the Cathedral towards my initial goal of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port some 820 Kilometres or so away.

Start of the Camino Via Podiensis. Through the Cathedral floor

Dropped my phone on the cobblestones at the bottom of the steps. a few cracks but still serviceable. Just as well as I have all the navigation aids and walking routes loaded on to the phone.

The walk out of Le Puy was pleasant and uneventful I was one of the last to leave but found myself reassured as I passed other pilgrims as we traversed the countryside and occasional muddy tracks.

Arrived at Montbonnet 2pm, showered, washing done and on the sunny terrace with a beer in hand at 3pm

Still have to get the Camino rhythm going yet and backpack arranged to suit. I.e forgot to take towel into shower! Fortunately I am the first one here so no one has to see the dripping dash to the backpack!

Not far now! Short first day. Fine and sunny perfect hiking weather but some of the mud has yet to dry out from recent rains.

Montbonet Gite La Grange. Talk about total immersion. Only one other French rondoneer here. Had dinner with the owners family all speaking in French other than the owner (also the bartender) they speak very little English. I understood more of the conversation than I thought I would. Although I need to buy a noun! I can understand the discussion about the thing but not what the thing is!!!
Great dinner a local lentil dish, local sausage, sauteed potato’s with other stuff, a local cheese course. I now eat Goats cheese and cheese with mould in it !!! A custard tart for dessert and wine of course. Went to the bar for wifi and the owner and locals introduced me to the local liqueur!!!!! I do look better than the owner!! Oh and it was on the house. French hospitality at it’s best.

Slide show below of photos along the way

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