Time to head back to Darwin Australia

South of Nha Trang Vietnam

Back to Australia today.  A walk to the local markets so Trish can buy some shoes, pack for the trip then lunch.  Freshly caught coral trout today with seafood fried rice.

Ordered the taxi settled the bill and off to the airport, all flights pretty much on time. Flew Vietnam Airlines back to Saigon then Jetstar direct Saigon to Darwin. As this was an overnight flight we paid extra to get the rear exit row seats because you get the extra space and they also recline. Well not anymore in this (budget airline)  aircraft none of the seats recline!! Get what you pay for I guess!!

Arrived in Darwin around 5:45am the usual hold up in quarantine but we have this down pat now. All wood and anything else that needs to be inspected is in one bag and on the top. So we were through in only a few minutes.
South of Nha Trang Vietnam
Our good friend Gene picked us up and took us to his place so we could recover over the next couple of days and kindly went out shopping for additional supplies for us. He went off  to work and we went to sleep!!

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