Lubeck to Preetz Via Scharbeutz

Beach at Scharbeutz

We left Lubeck rather late as usual and headed further toward Denmark. No particular place to stop today however we have identified a couple of stellplatz (motorhome parking areas) we will drive past and check out.

We decided to call in at  Scharbeutz which is  on a bay about 32k from Lubeck. It is still the holiday weekend here and we have now found where all the German people are. By the beach!!

Water is cool and ess than knee deep

Scharbeutz beach wind shelters

Even though this place was busy we still managed to find a motorhome parking spot near the beach where could stay overnight if we like it here. As it was a nice warm sunny day(mid 20s deg C) went for a stroll and soon discovered that you have to pay E$2.60 to access the beach.

So we walked on the path instead for a while until we could walk down to the beach for free.  The water was only knee deep for a long way out so Steven went for a paddle in the Baltic. Not as cold as expected a sign later told us the sea temperature was 16C.
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We decided to move on as we would rather be in less crowded places. We identified a stellplatz in an area of lakes around a place called Preetz only 30k or so further on. So off we went.
Preetz – Bloody big swans here!
Our Home in Preetz – Germany

The stellplatz at Preetz turned out to be a campground near a small town right on a river  and Cost E$12 to stay for the night. It was peacefull and quiet had all services power, water and waste all of which we needed.
We will head into Denmark tomorrow.

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