Samal Island and Boat Ride – Philippines

Today we arranged for a tour of Samal Island. . Our tour included a boat ride up the coast in one of the local outrigger canoes (with engines) the first arrived with no canopy as it was hot and sunny we decided to try for a boat with a canopy. After some renegotiation another arrived with a canopy.

Samal is officially the Island Garden City of Samal. The island is just off the coast of Davao City

Next boat had a canopy
As you can see the boat was quite small and with only 4 of us was a bit of a squeeze. We headed up the coast and only after 100 meters or so the water was crystal clear.
Handy sandbank
On the way back we stopped the boat over a sandbank and all jumped in for a refreshing swim. Getting back in the boat was more difficult as the tide had come in and the water was a foot deeper than when we arrived.
Fish Trap

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