Arrived in Florence–Italy

Evening view in Florence Italy

We are quite exited today as we made contact yesterday with our Niece Dani who is also traveling around Europe with her friend Emily and our paths will cross in Florence!!

We selected Camping Michelangelo which is located next to the Michelangelo lookout. It is one of the most expensive campgrounds we have stayed at in Europe however this is made up for by its location that overlooks the city of Florence which is only a 500 metre or so, walk away.

We arrived at about  5pm and once settled it went for a walk up to the lookout  to watch the sunset over the city.
An SMS from Dani  told us that they did not like there farm stay accommodation and were heading into town. The only accommodation where we were fixed onsite tents. Guess it will have to do!!

Our Home in Florence
Dani’s home in Florence
Dani’s home in Florence

We spent the evening catching up with family news and what we had been up to during our travels. Dani showed us some great photos of her recent teaching experiences in Tanzania.

Trish & Statue of Michael Angelo

Trish and Michel Angelo

Florence  View from campsite
Florence  View from campsite
Our home in Florence
Florence from next to the campsite

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