Ferry Cruise Valldal – Geiranger Old Strynefjell Mountain Road and Byrkjelo

The Queens Chair Geiranger
Valldal to Geiranger Cruise 
Well after our great success waiting for the weather to clear for the Trollstigen road we were not so lucky with our cruise through the world heritage Fjords of  Storfjorden,  Sunnylvsfjorden and Geirangerfjorden.

We decided to take the car ferry cruise and bring the Hymermobile along for the ride. We had heard the cruise was popular and did not want to miss out so we booked the Fjord1 cruise on the internet while in the ferry que at 

Valldal to Geiranger 
Valldal (which was also where we, walked, did some late evening fishing and spent a very comfortable night). There were only two other motorhomes there also in the ferry que.
This ferry cruise is one of Norway’s longest and most beautiful cruises (2 hours and 15 minutes one way). The cruise sails through a fjord and mountain landscape that is included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites. The cruise with 7m motorhome and two passengers cost 785 NOK (A$135)

Valldal to Geiranger 
We awoke to cool weather with thick cloud down to about 2-300ft however is was not raining. As we had already paid for the ticket we were unable to wait for the weather to clear and the afternoon ferry.   We boarded the ferry 9:15 and began our cruise. The clouds lifted a little, unfortunately however we were unable to see the majestic beauty of the towering cliffs and mountains peaks. None the less the cruise was good and we did get to see some of the abandoned and still operating farms in amazing locations part way up the cliffs and the Bridal veil, Suitor and the 7 sisters waterfalls along the way.
Road out of  Geiranger

We drove off the ferry in Geiranger and headed up the R63 another steep road with hairpin bends to a Dronningstolen (The Queens Chair) lookout over the Geiranger Fjord. The clouds stayed just above the lookout which was great for us. We took advantage of the chair to sit and take in the view for a while.(Photo at top)

From the Queens Chair we continued winding on up on the R63 into the clouds, through the clouds and then above the clouds 1030mts (3380ft). 
The Old Strynefjell Mountain Road
The Old Strynefjell Mountain Road
Above the clouds near Geiranger
Having made it to the sunshine we decided to stay in the sunshine if we could. At the R15 junction we could have turned right and taken the all year road tunnel, however Steven said ‘we came to see the place not holes in it’ so we went over the mountains instead and took the 258 The Old Strynefjell Mountain Road from Grotli to Videsaeter.. Apparently this stretch of road represents a piece of Norwegian history as the only way of passage between Skjåk and Stryn during most of the last century.
The Old Strynefjell Mountain Road
The old road goes through an area only inhabited by birds and animals adapted to the arctic climate. 
The decent off the mountains on this road was incredible, we managed to stay in the clear of weather and under a patch of blue sky. 
Back down through the cloud
The road just kept on winding down and down when you thought you must be at the bottom round the next bend you find a magnificent view from the top of the mountains over the Strynsvaten lake and valley.
 Old Strynefjell Mountain Road near the bottom?

Our Home in Brykjelo – Just us and the sheep
We rejoined the R15 continued on through Stryn and then winding back up into the mountains to stop 15k from Brykjelo in a small forest clearing. Just us and the resident sheep.

There a a few more photos, click read more to see them…………………

Our Home in Valldal
We thought we were nearly at the bottom then..
Heading back down 

Old Strynefjell Mountain Road

Down the Old Strynefjell Mountain Road
Down Old Strynefjell Mountain Road
Still mining Olivine in the Storfjord
Only one customer on this boat
Geirangerfjorden Mountain Farms 
Geiranger Fjord Cruise Boat

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