Trollstigen to Valldall RV63 mountain pass

We have spent 2 nights here waiting for clear skies to drive the Trollstigen Road.
As predicted by the Norwegian weather forecast and as hoped the clouds started lifting this morning. So time to fill up with water and head off.

Trollstigen, is one of the best visited attractions in Norway. The mountains which encircle the Trollstigen road are still making clouds as we begin our ascent. 

With a cruise ship in Andlesnes we are expecting a lot of buses. 

only a few clouds left
this is the way up
up and more up
We met the buses halfway up
a very tight squeeze
view of the valley as we get higher
bridge part way up
at the bridge
great waterfall as well
a break near the bridge over the falls
close to the edge
steep edges
traffic squeeze at the top
still some clouds passing by at the top
very brave!
looking back down on the road
The Trollstigen Road
Our home in Valldal

 Well it was worth the wait. what a difference a day makes. in the afternoon we head down to Valldal and will stay the night in the ferry Que. Tomorrow we take the Hymermobile on a 3 fjord cruise to Geirngerfjord. the next photos are from Trollstigen to Valldal.

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