Byrkjelo to Fjaerland, Glaciers, Norwegian Glacier Centre and Mundal Booktown

Very common here
Boyabreen Glacier
Our drive to day takes us past the  Boyabreen Glacier an arm of the Jostedalsbreen and we stopped at two places where the end of the Glaciers tongues come down the mountains.

then on to visit the Norsk Bremuseum (Norwegian Glacier Centre) at Fjaerland. The glacier centre is a “hands-on” museum . interesting displays and hands on ice experiments and activities on how the glaciers shape landscape, how glaciers are our most important “archives” on climate and many other glacier related topics.

Boyabreen Glacier
Fjaerland View from museum roof 
Glacier Tongue Near Lunde

The surround vision movie of the glacier from a helicopter was also good. Well worth the visit.

Fjaerland Glacier Centre
Looking for somewhere to stay we drove down a smaller road from the museum and after 2-3k came across a small ferry port at Mundel. As we drove through the small village we noticed something unusual about this town, book shelves along the street and also where we stopped at the ferry terminal. We had read about this book town but did not know where it was, so It was a great delight to find it by chance. We decided to stay the night near the ferry terminal car park next to the Fjord and also a convenient bookshelf. While Trish was preparing some dinner Steve went hunting and gathering (fishing) but spent more time fishing through all the books!!
Mundel Church
Bookshelf in Mundel where we parked

Between 10 and 15 second hand book shops are situated in Mundel Book Town giving new life to second hand books as well as to old barns, boat sheds and other buildings that are no longer needed for their original purpose. The Norwegian Book Town is part of the international book town movement.

Boyabreen Glacier from Museum Roof
Boyabreen Glacier
Boyabreen Glacier
Boyabreen Glacier
Boyabreen Glacier
Glacier Museum Display

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