Hamilton Victoria to the River Kwai Bridge Thailand

Off to the bridge over the River Kwai – Kanchanaburi Thailand. Mums taxis took us from Hamilton at 7am  to Ballarat to get us on the 9:30 shuttle bus to the airport.

In Melbourne we decided to change plans and not to stay overnight in Bangkok but instead arrange for a car to take us directly from the airport for the 3 hour drive to the Sabai kan Resort in Kanchanaburi which is a only short walk from the river Kwai bridge.

Arrived an hour late in Bangkok, cleared the boarder security with no problems. When we emerged into the terminal there were lots of friendly faces holding up name signs but unfortunately none with our name on it. So gave the transport company a call. Well not on my new flash phone as international roaming did not work. Trish pulls out her old old phone no problem Called ‘Charlies travel’ but no answer as it is out of office hours!!

Lizard at Sabai-kan-Resort-Kanchanaburi
Lizard welcome at Sabai-kan-Resort-

After a walk up and down the terminal finally found someone holding a sign ‘Bennerr’ well that’s close enough for me! And we were off on the 3 hour drive to Kanchanaburi

The driver apparently used to drive roller coasters for a living and only new how to accelerate and brake none of that sissy just cruising along stuff. Those that suffer from motion sickness will sympathise. It was something to be endured.

We have lived in Malaysia and I used to drive every day to work but things seem to have gotten quicker and the roads in this part of Thailand  now have 6 and 8 lanes, the swerving in and out still occurs however it is now at 110kph rather than 50Kph!!

River Kwai Kanchanaburi
River Kwai Kanchanaburi

20 hours after leaving Hamilton we arrived at the River Kwai bridge and the Sabai@kan Resort.

A pleasant hotel good rooms and a nice pool. Welcomed by the local lizard and off to get some dinner. We will sleep in and walk across the bridge tomorrow


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    Well so the long list of places to visit now starts, it's lovely to be following you both on your journey. Take care, enjoy and I will be logging to watch your progress. Much love to you both. Shirley and Kelly xx

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