Samal Island – Philippines

After the anniversary celebrations we traveled in the company of good friends to Samal Island just off the coast of Davao. We all clambered into a hired minibus to take us on the ferry from the mainland to Samal Island.

Samal, officially the Island Garden City of Samal or sometimes called IGaCOS, it is a coastal component city in the province of Davao del Norte, Philippines

On arrival at Fernandes Resort we were met by loud music and crowds who come to the resort for the weekend to relax, sing to Karaoke, some where good and well some not so good. The resort is more geared toward the needs of local tourists.

Sem, our good friend being the good host that she is, employed the services of a cook who took Sem to the local markets each morning for fresh fruit, bread rolls and sausages. We were well looked after and a massage each night by the same lady, soothed us into sleep after the music finished for the evening.
Preparing a pig for dinner - Samal Island
Preparing Dinner Samal Island

We took a Tuk Tuk to Paradise Island resort for lunch and spend the afternoon there – see the video- had a great lunch Steven a few beers 70c each! and went for a swim to where the reef meets the beach. We had arranged to be picked up by the same Tuk Tuks however they did not show up. The only transport available was on the back of motorbikes. It was great fun weaving in and out of traffic and potholes. The springs were better on the bikes than the Tuk Tuks and backsides were gratefull for this small mercy.

Samal Island Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk ride across to Paradise Island Resort

Samal Island Bike Ride
Samal Island Bike Ride


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