Alta to Storslets

This morning Steven had some work to do and took advantage of the museum internet, and Trish the washing and cleaning of the hymermobile. We spent  some time in the museum which covers Samai culture and history and the rock carvings in the area with old  photos of the people, development  and artefacts from the stone and iron age.

After lunch we were back on the E6 and stopped at a ‘Samai’ hut store just outside of Kaljord and Steven purchased reindeer antlers for the Hymermobile and for us a reindeer skin.  We serviced the motor home (water and waste) in the village of Talvick on the E6 which has a dedicated motorhome servicing station.

We stayed overnight in a road stay at Storslets with the view of snow capped mountains and a clear running narrow river. We took the opportunity to have an early night. It got cold trough the night and I awoke to find that Steven had put the reindeer skin over the bed. 

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