Gonte to Parco Nazionale Delle Cinque Terre – Italy

Monterosso al Mare

Our destination today is the Parco Nazionale Delle Cinque Terre on the Mediterranean coast. However as a result of the impact yesterday the front casing for the RH side mirror was missing so we decided somewhat reluctantly to drive back and see if we could find it before driving around the rest of the lake heading to the coast.

We passed back through the Swiss border and on a bend on the same stretch of road with Steven now only a couple of inches from the guardrail a crappy old truck with another mad Italian driver cut the corner and bang! the back of the truck hit the Hymermobile somewhere. Shortly after, we noticed the back of our RH mirror on the side of the road near the rock overhang. We managed to pull over a few hundred meters from yesterdays incident and check for damage. You guessed it! the truck hit the back of the other mirror. No significant damage this time though.

Risking life and limb Steven walked back along the road to get the mirror panel. It was sitting in a pile of mirror and other shattered car and truck trimmings. There were so many smashed car parts that all the bits from our mirror could not be identified.

9-28-11 Italy - Gonte to Monterosso

There was now no way were were going back over that bit of road again!! so we continued  into Switzerland found the nearest motorway (E35) going south and cruised comfortably back into Italy!!
Joining the Italian Autostrada (Motorway) E35 and E62 We continued South around Milan turning left onto the E80 at Genoa and toward the Italian Cinque Terre Coast and the town of Monterosso al Mare.
Here you get you moneys worth on the Autostrada where it crosses many coastal ravines using alternating bridges and tunnels. The cost is reasonable about 6-10 Eur for 100k or so.

9-28-11 Italy - Gonte to Monterosso-1

Turning off the Autostrada toward Monterosso we had to drive down the ravine to the town on a very narrow winding road which ended at the beach and a motorhome parking area. (just a car parking space for EUR 22.00!! A$35.00).
Took an evening walk on the esplanade, This seems to be a mecca for tourists from all over the world and there were a lot from the USA.

9-28-11 Italy - Gonte to Monterosso-2
Monterosso al Mare – Italy

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