Nah Trang – Vietnam

This is our second visit to Nah Trang. We were here in Dec 10 did not think we would be back so soon!

Nah Trang – Vietnam

Armed with local knowledge we knew just where we were headed today. Caught the shuttle bus into town and then we walked along the Esplanade to the Louisiane Brewery bar. Not just any brewery bar this one is right on the beach with its own pool and sun chairs.

Louisiana Brewery Bar – Nah Trang – Vietnam

Spent a few hours relaxing in the sun with a drink or two then headed back into town to explore the markets before heading back on the shuttle to the ship.

Nah Trang Beach and Market – Vietnam

This town is still going places with even more world class hotels now in place. The prices reflect this with things noticeably more expensive than a year ago.

Another sunset departure and on to Hong Kong……….

More beer for him!!

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