Kitavia Island – Papua New Guinea – In the Wet Season

We visited Kitava Island PNG during the wet season. Kitava is very small and one of the Trobriand Islands, an archipelago of coral atolls off the eastern coast of Papua New Guinea.

Most indigenous inhabitants live on the main island of Kiriwina, which is also the location of the government station, Losuia. Kitava is located 25km’s from Kiriwina.

We paid some villagers to take us to a small island in a genuine native outrigger nothing fancy here! The water was amazingly clear and blue, clearly seen through the floor of the outrigger.

Did some snorkelling, lots of fish, big ones and tropical reef fish, dolphins and colourful coral.

The group is considered to be an important tropical rainforest ecoregion in need of conservation. When the rain came down we took shelter in Skull cave when the rain came down. With skulls!

The local school children put on some shows of singing and dancing and had stalls to raise money for their school. Unfortunately the heavy cloud hung around all day.

Kitava island and the other Trobriand islands are famous for their culture and huge yam gardens, which have cultural significance in tribal rituals. Attractions include a village tour, numerous freshwater holes, burial caves, yam houses and ceremonial dances. The locals set up lots of stalls for visitors. We did buy a wooden clamshel with some mother of pearl inlay.

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