Nha Trang Vietnam

Raining in Nha Trang
Well today started off very wet!! With big storms in the early hours and torrential rain. Causing flooding of the streets. Even the motorbike riders had to resort to using umbrellas.
We watched the rain and the motorbikes negotiating to floodwaters just after dawn and went back to bed for a sleep in this morning.

Nha Trang Bus

The weather cleared up a little by midday so we decided to do some on the cheap sightseeing by catching the local bus through the city to wherever it goes. The bus cost 3000 Dong ( 15 cents ) each time you get on however you can go as far as you like. We got seats most times however the bus can get quite full.

As it turned out the bus terminated at a the Vin Pearl cable cars. This is the longest overwater cable car in the world and takes you to Vinpearland. 

Beach Snacks
Vinpearland is an island with a fun park, aquarium and water park and we did not know about it until we got there. It was to late in the day to go over and spend enough time so we decided to come back tomorrow.

Today we would catch the bus to the southern end of Nha Trang beach and walk the 10k back to the hotel instead to work off some of the food!!
Fresh fish for sale Nha Trang

End of the bus route at Vinpearl
Nha Trang Bus
Nha Trang Esplande
Trees are kept trimmed Nha Trang
Walking over the bridge Nha Trang

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