Motorhome Relocation Brisbane to Melbourne Day 2

A big day today we are going to try and travel from Coffs Harbour to Sydney and visit family at Lake Macquarie, Berowra Waters and Penrith.

Coastal aerial of Coffs Harbour township.

We got off to a late start but the time was leaning how to refill the water tank, empty the waste water and dump the toilet cassette all valuable experience. Also look up when driving through Caravan parks. The toilet dump point had a power lead joining two permanent at about 2.5 metres. The Motorhome is 3mtrs high!! If it was not for one of the van owners shouting we would have driven into it. I let the new park owner know that it may be one of their first repair jobs if not raised above the height of vehicles that will use that facility

Just after 10am while negotiating a round about leaving Coffs Harbour, the front of the top draw containing all the glasses and cups came off, the draw then slid out and with a loud crash the draw parts glasses and cups ended up smashed all over the floor. The debris then made its way en mass down the steps to the door. Out of the rubble we salvaged 2 glasses and two cups. Just enough for our coffee and a glass of wine. Lesson 2 – we will also be putting an additional lock or catch on the crockery draws!!

An even bigger day for Trish. Overcoming her fear of driving a larger vehicle she bravely took over the wheel while I worked out how to rearrange the rear bed and seatbelts to stay strapped in while having a sleep. It worked well so I managed to have a nap for an hour while Trish drove. Two lessons learned – Trish can drive a motorhome and I can sleep at the same time!!

All went to plan and made Lake Macquarie and Berowra Waters for afternoon tea and dinner with family. We arrived at Penrith about 9pm. Trish’s sister invited us to sleep in the spare room so for tonight we left the motorhome in the driveway!

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