Ghent – Belgium

Trisjhand Gravensteen Castle Ghent

We enjoyed a long sleep in this morning, Had to do a few little jobs to do, the fridge was not getting cold on Gas so Steven disassembled the gas burner part cleaned and put it back together. The bathroom mirror had moved out of position so fixed that as well. Otherwise the Hymermobile is going well. Had lunch and headed into Ghent on the No3 Bus for the afternoon.

Gravensteen castle was built in 1180 and was modelled after the crusaders castles from the second crusade. The castle has been used as a courthouse, a prison and eventually decayed. Houses were built against the walls and even on the courtyard and the stones of the walls were used to erect other buildings. At one time it even served as a factory. At the end of the 19th century, the castle was scheduled to be demolished. In 1885 the city of Ghent bought the castle and started a renovation project. The newly built houses were removed and the walls and dungeon were restored to their original condition.

Ghent Canal
Ghent (Gent,Gard) is between Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp and can be overlooked as a good town to visit. The town has historic architecture, including a castle, Cathedrals, and many other interesting buildings.

Walking around the town by the canals we ame across a street stall, the stall was a wooden barrow, with strange purple cone shaped things on. Had to buy some and see what they were, it turns out they are sweets (lollies) with a brittle coating and a semi liquid gel centre with a grape / Turkish delight flavour. Delicious, no wonder they had so many on the barrow!!

We spent some time in the Saint Bravo’s Cathedral. This Cathedral houses in the De Villa Chapel, the ‘Adoration of the Lamb’ painting since 1986.

fritz and Mayonnaise Ghent
Wandered along the brick paved streets and took in the sights of the city. Sat outside a fritz shop and rested our feet for a while enjoying the fritz and Mayonnaise a traditional dish here and a cool drink of lemonade.
Ghent Canals

Ghent Belgium
Our home in Ghentbrugge
Ghent Trams
Trish the tourist in Ghent
Ghent steep roof
Australian Ice Cream Ghent

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