Channel Crossing Dover to Dunkirk

Driving onto the ferry

An early rise today and a last minute shop in Sainsbury supermarket to get Trish’s soy milk supplies before heading off to the Dover Ferry Terminal. Our ferry crossing across the English Channel is with DFDS Seaways at a reasonable GBP 45 A$67.00 was booked for 10am and we had to be there 45 minutes before then. We had spent extra time in the shop but we made the ferry check in with 5 minutes to spare! Still we relieved when the ticket was in our hand, checked in and established in the queue of mostly motorhomes and caravans waiting to board.

Today Steven’s office was a lounge on the ferry and taking advantage of free internet access , was able to send and receive work emails.

Now on French soil, we had to be on alert as now driving on right hand side of the road and trusting The Co Pilot (trish) and the GPS navigation to take us in the right direction and motorways to arrive at an Airs located in Ghentbrugge in Ghent next to the E17. We saw it off to the side and below the motorway as we went past. We took the next exit and the navigator had us going around in circles it seems they are not good when a place is below you!! All good practice for driving on town streets getting used to bicycles with the absolute right of way, trams and being on the RHS of the road. Having a LHD Motorhome was a great idea!!!!
Finally arrived at the Airs and secured the MH and took a stroll through the local streets toward town and along a canal before returning and settling in for the night.

Visa for EU

We were waived through the immigration check point in Dover and there was none in France. This is both good and bad and has left us somewhat uncertain re Trish’s visa requirements. As Trish (as an Australian) is on a 6 month Visa for the UK and without an exit stamp is this clock still ticking? As an Australian Trish is only supposed to be in the Schengen group of EU countries for 3 months in any six month period. With no immigration check I guess this clock has not started on this Visa requirement. Hmmmmm..
Right next to the police station
Late evening stroll near a canal Ghent
Our Home in Ghentbrugge

Farewell UK

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