Sydney to Hamilton Victoria

After having a great few days with family in Sydney we said our farewells and boarded the 6am train at Penrith for Sydney. Here we boarded the 8am XPT from Sydney to Melbourne.

Taking the train gave us the opportunity to enjoy the countryside of New South Wales and Victoria. We missed our connecting train from Melbourne to Ballarat as the XPT was 50min late. Knowing there was another train in an hour or so we settled to wait for the next train. Steven’s mother was awaiting our return at Ballarat station and from here Steven drove the final part of our journey to Hamilton arriving at 2am.

Our wonderful 355 day around the world adventure of has come to an end and we are now unpacking and sorting our belongings, reregistering the car and now looking for our next home, caravan or motorhome- the choice is now which home to choose.

Retirementontour Australian adventure. By Motorhome or Caravan? That is the $64,000 question!! So we are off to the to the Melbourne Caravan show on the 8 Mar to see what is available all in one place.

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Our shipment of boxes arrived in Australia at the Melbourne docks at the same time as we arrived in Australia. So we headed off to Melbourne, Customs house and then the docks. we only just made it oil return line from the turbo on the car failed dumping all the oil on the roadside. Fortunately we had pulled over for a break when trish noticed the cars lifeblood pooling in the gutter (just like a TV murder scene).

So it was a tow truck to Ballarat for repairs.

There were no problems with customs and quarantine, and  no duty to be paid!! We picked up our boxes from the docks with 5 min to spare before closing.

Off the the caravan show in Melbourne this weekend.

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