Moving on to Brisbane to relocate a Motor Home to Melbourne

It has been great spending Christmas in Darwin and with friends and family, and picking up some work to help out with travel costs. Still wet and raining every day in Darwin but it is still a good time to visit. All very green and quiet with no tourists and people still away for Christmas holidays. Coolest time of the year as well.

Still no Motorhome relocation opportunities out of Darwin so have booked 2 standby tickets Darwin to Brisbane on the 19th Jan11.

We have managed to book a Motorhome relocation from Brisbane on the 20 Jan to be in Melbourne by 3pm 23 Jan. We only have 4 days hire (3 days really) for the trip as we cannot get to Brisbane until the day after the Motorhome is available. It is a good deal, a 4 berth shower/toilet motorhome for $5 per day and they give us $250 for the fuel as well!!

This will give us a chance to experience motorhome living before we take it up for 7 Months in Europe. So will have some motorhome travel posts soon.

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