Egersund – Eigeroy lighthouse

After our Pulpit rock hike we headed south and crossed the Hogsfjord by ferry and continued on towards the coast Sandnes and onto the R44 finally stopping at Brusand after 80k. We stayed at the Brusand camping for the night. 100_7811
This morning we had a well deserved sleep in and did not get underway until after lunch. We are now heading for Kristiansand to catch the ferry to Denmark. Rather than take the E39 we decided to take Route 44 along the coast.
The weather has changed to wet and windy so the scenery was not at its best today.
100_7819After 26k we stopped in the town of Egersund, which is known to have one of the best natural harbours in Norway, and used to be the largest harbour in Norway when measured in quantity of fish brought in each year. People have lived around the district of Egersund since the stone ages. Several places one can find ruins of settlements dating back to the age of migrations in Norway (400–600 BC). 100_7825
We headed to Eigeroy lighthouse. located on a small islet off the southern tip of Eigerøya. This lighthouse is one of the brightest in Europe and well worth a visit.
100_7829100_7831100_7834100_7836100_7826100_7828100_7833100_7837100_7839The walking trail is about 2k and passes through several farms. it is also part of the Magma Parks and there is a lot of information on the geolology the rock here is very old and similiar to that sound on the moon. All very interesting looking at the magma intrusions (once you know what they are) on the way to the lighthouse.
We returned to the Hymermobile and decided to spend the night where we were.

Our Home in Eigeroya (center of picture)

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