Hamburg Germany

The Barrels Hamburg

We are in Hamburg to visit Stevens Cousin Dennis. The drive was slow with roadworks and long que to enter the tunnel under the river Elbe.

Dennis suggested we park at the Heiligengeistfeld in the St Pauli which was within walking distance to where Dennis lives. The area was named after a hospital in 1497. This a large open 50 hectare area in the city that left to the city of Hamburg by old ladies in 1863 on the condition it was never to be built on. This is where the ‘Dome’ is set up. The Hamburg Dome is a funfair that has been set up every  summer since 1893. When the Dome is not set up it is used as a car park and fortunately for us overnight motorhome parking for E$15.00.

Dennis and Steven

As we had visited Hamburg before we spent our time here with Dennis and Anglea. Dennis found us at Heiligengeistfeld and we chatted for a while before walking to Dennis and Anglea house. last night we had a pleasant dinner in the outside beergarden  at a favourite local restaurant a little cool but pleasant under a clear sky.
Hamburg is a major port
Charlie in his favourite box
We will head off from here to Lubeck this afternoon.
Trish and Police Hamburg – another for the series

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