Slettnes Lighthouse – Gamvik – As Far North as we Go

Slettnes Lighthouse 1:15am from our window

We are now into July, our birthday month and have reached as far North as we are going to go. The Northernmost mainland lighthouse of the world. Slettnes Lighthouse at Position N. 71.05.03 E 28.13.10.
We walked a little further north than this but were not up to the 17k + walk to the end of cape Nordkin in a strong arctic wind.

Left the road stay site just outside of Hamningberg at 9.45am to set out for the day with the intention  of  reaching Mehamn? and Gamvick  and then Slettnes Lighthouse through the mountain pass.  ( Trish posted post cards to granddaughter in Mehamn, wonder how long they will take to reach Australia?)

Now back on the road on the R98 on the way to Gamvick, the scenery again proving spectacular and many herds of reindeer feeding in the grassed areas by the lakes ( road on this stretch is good). No trees, snow, lakes and rocky terrain. Altitude near Hoseidet is 280 meters above sea level. Not high but at these latitudes well above the tree level with snow still melting from the winter.

Trish and Europe’s most northermost mainland cape

Arrived at Slettnes Nature Reserve and lighthouse at lunchtime and took the 2nd last motor home parking site. This is the farthest you can go on this road at Slettnes just across from the Slettnes Lighthouse. Surrounded by magnificent scenery and with an exciting and dramatic history, the lighthouse is located as far north as it is possible to drive on the European mainland Continent. This was where we decided to go instead of Nordcapp.

Set up the Hymermobile, kettle on the gas stove and took the chance to relax before heading out on a long nature walk for the afternoon.
We set off at 12:30pm to take the marked trail that meanders around the coast line and fields to observe the nature and the historical sites which are signposted (but only in Norwegian). Sad part is the beauty of the pristine shores are littered with washed up fishing nets, ropes, plastic bottles, rubber boots and all sorts of metal old drums etc.
Our Home at Slettnes Nature Reserve

That aside the beauty of the coast and the arctic landscape  is something to see, small flowers in clusters on rock beds, wild chives, small wet lands, birdlife and little creatures that race out across the tracks to burrows they have dug into the damp undergrowth and in dry grass tuffs. We are still researching to find out exactly what these little creatures are as they are so fast.

An old boot found on beach put to good use

On the walk we were fortunate to spot a Minke whale leisurely making its way along the coast and a couple of seals bobbing their heads out of the water. Their were bird colonies on near bye islands just off shore and we heard the sound of barking seals. Sites where the locals fled during the German occupation in WWII. Even an old hut with dates and initials fron 1944 and 45.

Slettnes 1:30am
Slettnes Lighthouse Tour (and spotting Whates)
Returning to the Hymerbile to sit and watch out of our front cab window is the view of the ocean, hundreds of nesting birds, fishing boats goong past and the lighthouse.

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