Vardo and Hamningberg Finnmark Norway- Another end of the Road

Vardohus Fortress and Vardo
Vardohus Fortress

Stopped in the town of Vardo situated on the coast of Varangerfjorden to buy some fresh food supplies yet only came out with bananas due to the high cost of fruit and meat. Visited the Tourist Information Centre to find directions to the Vardohus Fortress.

Spent some time in the Vardohus Fortress, Steven really liked it here, all the military pieces from the 1700s through to the WWII German presence up to the present day were out on display and you could look at them close up. 

Powder Room Vardohus Fortress

This is  the worlds Northernmost fortress and Europes oldest active fort. It is a star shaped fort with cannons at every star point and a few more for good luck. The current fort was completed in 1738 and replaced the previous forts built in 1300 and 1460.

Commandants House Vardohus Fortress

It is still a working fortress and parts are only open, the Commandants house within the walls is still the Commandants house today.

The other buildings are still in use however they also contain displays of artillery from WW11, uniforms and information on the Fortress. The 30 NOK admission fee (which goes to a preservation society) was well worth the money.

Steilneset Monument Vardos Norway

Our next stop was at the Steilneset Monument only recently erected in memory of the 90 or so women and men burnt at the stake during 1600 – 1692 for being accused of witchcraft.

Steilneset Monument Vardos Norway

This monument was opened by the Queen of Norway a fortnight ago. A very unusual monument in all respects, its design and purpose. It has a solemn atmosphere with a dark corridor with a light at each small window opening representing each of the victims. Also at each commemorative plaque and light was a transcript of the court decisions including the evidence, plea, judgement and sentence.

Karen Mogensdatter  – brought before the court in Vadso on the 24 July 1626
Accused by Anbjorn Ramussen, of having cast a spell on his wife, Synove, who was seriously ill
Was subjected to the water ordeal and floated like a bob.
Confessed without torture
Sentenced to death in fire at the stake.

Steven finds it most peculiar that they should build such large memorial some 400 years after the event. Something to read up on later.

Road to Hamningberg

We continued on the E75 to reach the old fishing town and port of Hamningberg. This part of the E75 is only a one lane road which is windy yet around every bend is spectacular landscape, rocky outcrops, snow filled crevices, lunar landscape, lakes, sandy beaches, pebbled beaches and  sheep on the sand on the grassed area on beach.

Once in the town you turn left to park in a designated car park as it is asked not to drive through the village. Once parked we set off on foot to walk through the village. Came across an old WW11 bunker on the next to the old harbour. The water was crystal clear yet no evidence of any fish.

Once back in the Hymermobile our plan was to drive back 5km toward Vadso to a gravel parking area just off the road next to a fast flowing river. Steven spotted an Arctic fox with dinner in mouth run across the bridge and into the shrubs.

Our Home Next to River Hamningberg

Have started to use the tinned food supplies we stocked up with from Finland supermarkets as we were informed that food was expensive in Norway. But its not so bad when compared to Darwin in Australia prices of food about the same. Milk and bread less than A$2.00 ea.

Our Home at Midnight near Hamningberg Norway

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