Our New Home for Touring Australia

Our New Retirement on Tour Home

We headed off in the early hours for the 320k trip  from Hamilton to the Melbourne Motorhome and Caravan Show at Caulfield racecourse. For new vans there can be lengthy waiting periods so  we decided to go on the first day of the show to take advantage of any new display vans for sale on the day.


We have a trip to Adelaide in a 3 weeks or so and then head up to Darwin so ordering a new van and waiting months to pick it up was not what we were after.

We arrived about 11am and spent the rest of the day looking at everything we could. The motorhomes were very tempting but unbelievably more expensive (300%) than the much better motorhomes available in Europe.

We found two Goldstream off road vans from the same dealer that we liked a 17ft full off road with a cutaway back to handle steep exit angles on rough tracks but with a very small combined shower toilet. Or a 19ft full off road van with a full en suite bathroom. We booked into a motel to sleep on it.

Kitchen dining

The next morning we spent an hour or more in each van weighing up the pros and cons of full off road capability Vs more luxury. Both display vans were also available after the show. Very tough decision!!!!  Ordering a new van would mean a delivery date as late as September.

Bedroom Area

More luxury won the day based on the length of time we may be living in the van.The deal was done and the van will be ready in two weeks from Pakenham, Victoria (wherever that may be).

Bathroom separate shower WC

We took advantage of being at the show to buy the additional items tow hitch and mirrors ect for the Navara.

Honda Generator and Box

We are now very exited and looking forward to our new Caravanning Australia  adventure. Stay tuned ……………………….

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