Wolfsburg Germany

100_8115We arrived in Wolfsburg last night at just after 6pm. First we checked out a couple of Motorhome parking areas and went around the town in circles for good measure.
We spent the night in a small stellplatz area  set aside for motorhomes  in the Volkswagen Autostadt carpark with free electricity hook up100_8147 although no water or other facilities. This is very convenient as our main reason for being here is to visit the Autostadt. There was paywall internet available so shelled out a few Euros to have internet for the night and booked a ferry crossing Dunkirk to Dover at 8am on the 17th August.
SANY0011This place is hard to categorise, theme park, exhibition, car show, factory outlet, Volkswagen Global Headquarters, car museum. It is all these things however it can be summed up as an extravagant and ultra modern car factory outlet that you have to pay to get into. (15 Euros each).
Nonetheless we had an interesting day and the collection of cars on display and the way they are displayed is very impressive.
Volkswagen Autostadt Aug 2011
Steven’s main interest here was to take the Volkswagen factory tour. Unfortunately as luck would have it the factory is closed for the summer holidays100_8124
There are two round car storage towers of glass about 20 stories high and fully automated. Our highlight for the day was going for a ride ( 8 Euros each) on the computer controlled car mover to the top of the tower. We have never done that before!!

8-11-11 Germany - Wolfsburg (2)
Back to the Hymermobile cup of tea, pay for the parking which was a very pleasant surprise at only 3 Euros including power.
Left Wolfsburg at 5:30pm heading South East to Quedilnburg arriving at 7:30pm.
Click read more below for our arrival in Quedlinburg and more photos……..

The first Motorhome parking area in Quedlinburg was to small for us to get into however another on the other side of town was OK, free and had power (1 Euro)a sani station as well (1 Euro for water). We are now running low on water 1/4 and waste tank is 3/4 full. Unfortunately all the facilities WC, water and waste were padlocked closed!
Steven went for a short walk to find where the town was (only 300 metres away) and internet access (none) so used the phone to check email and update our location on the blog. Free public internet is not as widely available in Germany as it is Norway.
We settled in for the night and will explore Quedlinburg tomorrow
(The location shown on the blog is updated from Steven’s phone via an android application. As soon as the phone finds and logs on to any open internet our position is sent from the phone to update the blog. On a good day this can happen in as little as 30 seconds at traffic lights. )

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