Lofoten Islands – Norway

Atlantic Cod
Vagan kirke’ (church)
Our Lofoten Islands journey began on Austvagoya Island .
Austvagoya has its own beauty with mountains, fjords, sharp cliff faces. We approached the town of Svolvaer late afternoon to see the beauty of the mountain ‘crag’ known as Svolvaergeita, “The Svolvaer Goat” where mist shrouded the surrounding mountains.
Svolvaer became a transit harbour in 1918 and was awarded city status in 1996 and today is an important harbour for maritime services.
Henningsvaer Shopping
We arrived in the town of Kabelvag where we stayed for two nights in the Sandvika Fjord & Sjohuscamping Park overlooking mountains and the fjord. The weather was cold and wet so the decision was made to sit still for two days here and catch up with business and personal mail that needed attention.
One of the tourist sites near Kabelvag is the ‘Vagan kirke’ (church), also known as the Cathedral of Lofoten. Trish enjoyed time inside  viewing the portraits and taking time out to sit and reflect. The church was built in accordance with The Royal Resolution of June the 18th in 1895and the building was completed in 1898. The church building is cross shaped and built in timber.
We diverted off the E10 to drive down the R816 and over the two bridges that take you into the fishing village of Henningsvaer. 

Spent time walking around the Henningsvaer village looking at the historical fishing huts. There is a small scale model of the village set up outside some handicraft stores on the lawn.  Were fortunate to see the return of fishermen and see them at work filleting the different fish they caught out to sea. On the drive back on the R816 we noticed rock climbers scaling the sheer cliff faces.

Fuel is 13.40 Kroner per litre A$2.29
lots of slugs
in the kitchen as usual

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