Belgium–Blegny Mine–Liege

100_8557After driving through country towns and roads last night we finally arrived at the motorhome parking area at Blegny Mine. The mine is located between liege and Maastricht.
We awoke to a sunny day parked under some 100_8558shade trees at the rear of the mine car park. Took our time this morning and there was internet available here so caught up with some emails and updated the blog.
We joined a mine tour at 11:30am. The tour was great it included both above ground and below ground, down the mineshaft in a cage and following the coal seams through two levels of the mine.
8-15-11 Belgium - Blegny Mine
The tour guide did the tour in German and he seemed quite a comedian and had some fun with the children. No demonstration of the dynamite however all other aspects were demonstrated. Some of the equipment has been kept in working order and the drills were operated still fed by compressed air along the original piping.
We head off to somewhere near Dunkirque this afternoon.

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