Germany–Hameln (As in the Pied Piper Fairy Tale)

100_8520The famous town Hameln of The Pied Piper legend is situated about 50 km south west of Hanover. We parked at a Stellplatz next to the Weser river about a kilometre from the Hameln township.
As well as the German name “Hameln” the town is also known as “Hamelin” and “Hamlin” in English100_8475
Unfortunately we awoke to a very wet day so had a relaxing morning however the rain only eased slightly so broke out the umbrellas and about midday headed off along the riverbank toward town. Past some ambitious market stall holders trying to keep their wares dry.
100_8489We also past a parade of children wearing middle ages costumes heading out of town we thought all the children were already gone seems some are still being led away.SANY0041
Main attractions are Hamelin´s historic town centre with its numerous houses built in the Weser Renaissance style, the open-air-play of the Pied Piper´s legend and the musical “RATS” on the terrace of the “Hochzeitshaus”.”

The Hochzeitshaus
SANY0043We reached the town square as the rain stopped. We were treated to a depiction of the pied piper story. This is the Hochzeitshaus (Wedding House) in Hameln. Three times a day, at 13:05, 15:35 and 17:35 the Pied Piper Story is depicted here. The bells on the facade chime a musical tune. The bronze window on the second level opens and clockwork figures in the form of legendary Pied Piper characters depict the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The glockenspiel lasts for about eight minutes.

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Walking around town we stopped at a chocolate shop to sample local flavoured liquors, coffee and some freshly made waffles and cherries. 
8-14-11 Germany - Hameln
Strolled back to the hymermobile browsing the street market stalls on the way. The rain became heavy again so we packed up, serviced the hymermobile with fresh water and empting the waste and we headed off in the rough direction of Dunkirk at 3:15pm.
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We crossed the German / Belgium border a little before 9pm and feeling tired entered the nearest Motorhome Airs into the navigator and headed toward the small town of Walhorn.  This turned out not to be the best decision as we drove into the small village roads to a festival with a funfair, merrygoround and road blocks blocking the road. Tried another way around the village and found the location of the parking area had houses on it. selected another Airs nearby and headed to Blegny Mine near Liege. The entry and exits for the motorway are a long way apart so the navigator decided to take us on a route via all the small roads it could find. We finally arrived at the Blegny Mine parking area at 11pm closed up and went to bed.

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