Denmark – Hirtshals and Lokken

100_7909With Steven now recovered from the ferry ride we explored the area around Hirtshals township and came across the Hirtshals Fyr (lighthouse), and WWII Bunker Museum. We always seem to be finding lighthouses! The Hirtshals Fyr was lit for the first time in 1863. The tower is open to the public and provides a great view over the Skagerrak and North Western corner of Vendsyssel.
100_7906A Large part of this area is covered with bunkers from WWII. There are 70 bunkers in this area from the German 9th and 10th Batteries and 3.5 kilometres of trenches. This complex formed part of the German ‘Atlantic Wall’ to defend against allied invasion. We found walking through the bunkers and trenches very interesting particularly the different roles of the bunkers i.e. Hospital, living quarters, anti aircraft, machine gun and mortar, fire control etc100_7899

We headed south however it was a beautiful warm sunny day so it was not long before we took a side trip to the coast. This took us to the small town of Lokken. Lokken is a beachside tourist town and we enjoyed the seaside atmosphere, the fishing boats on the beach and found a nice cafe for lunch.
Over lunch we decided it was time we stayed still for a couple of days and look for somewhere to stay.
About 16k further south we followed signs toward the coast and the road continued onto the beach.
So we drove the Hymermobile onto the long wide beach for 2-3k. 100_7925
We found the Gronhog Strand camping ground in a quiet area not far from the beach with a very nice grass site surrounded by pine trees and also with power and water.

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The down time was great, managed to skype family, get some long overdue washing done and some maintenance on the Hymermobile as well.
Day 2

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