Brienz and Lucerne Switzerland

We awoke early (for us) and after reading the tourist literature decided to walk back along the lake edge into Brienz and explore the town further before heading off to lucerne.

Brienz – Switzerland
The most romantic part of Brienz is the Brunngasse which was once awarded the title ‘most beautiful street in Europe’. Most of the houses in the street date from the 18th century and are decorated with wood carvings. All the houses here have window flower boxes which add to the magic of the town.
9-26-11 Switzerland Brienz and Lucern
Brienz Wood Carving Switzerland

Brienz, which is well-known as the “village of carving” has a long tradition in wood processing and to this day has a school for carving and violin-making. Examples of this art – in the shape of figures or signposts – are dotted around the whole village, by the railway lines and walking tracks, there are wood carvings everywhere. Shops in town also display and have for sale the wood carvers wares.
On the way back Steven discovered a hands on water exhibit by the lake and had to have a play, using the hand water pumping devices, little sluce gates to making the water turn wheels, tip buckets etc before letting the water return back to the lake. So we did not get back to the campsite until about about 2pm.

Off to Lucerne


We found a campsite on the shore of Lake Lucerne within a 30 min walk to the city following the lake shore.Once settled we headed off to explore the town.

Chapel Bridge – Lucerne
Lucerne is a city in north-central Switzerland, and in in the German speaking part of the country. One of the city’s famous landmarks is the Chapel Bridge
(Kapellbrücke), a wooden bridge first erected in the 14th century (Although rebuilt in 1993 following a fire from a cigarette butt). Part way across, the bridge runs by the octagonal Water Tower (Wasserturm), a fortification from the 13th century.

Lucerne Switzerland

Downriver, from the Chapel bridge between the Kasernenplatz and the Mühlenplatz, the Spreuerbrücke or Mill Bridge zigzags across the Reuss. Constructed in 1408, it is the oldest covered bridge in Europe and features a series of medieval-style 17th Century plague paintings by Kaspar Meglinger titled Dance of Death. The bridge has a small chapel in the middle that was added in 1568.

Little Man Tower – Lucern

We went for a pleasant walk behind the old city to the Musegg Wall which was built in 1386 and is almost still totally intact. Here you can walk around the outside of the city wall and can climb 3 of the nine towers. We only climbed up one of the towers the 2nd Tower, the Mannli, “Little Man” Tower. This is the first of the accessible towers. This tower is named for the little iron man at the top.

Lucerne Switzerland

We passed back through the wall and returning via the lakeside to the Hymermobile as the sun set.

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Brienz – Switzerland Playing with waterworks 

Breinz – Flowers everywhere
On the road to lucerne
On the road to lucerne
Entering Lucerne
Chapel Bridge Trish waving
Mill Bridge Lucerne
They control the level of the lake with wooden fence posts
They control the level of the lake with wooden fence posts
Mill Bridge – Lucerne
Mill Bridge – Lucerne
Mill Bridge – Lucerne
Geocaching at Mill Bridge – Lucerne
Fishing next to Mill Bridge – Lucerne
The first tower of the old city wall
Little Man Tower Lucerne
Lucern lake at Sunset
The End

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