Hamilton Harness Racing

Back in Hamilton Victoria now and based at Mum’s place until we leave for the USA and Europe on the 15 March.
Trish and Mum at the Hamilton Harness Racing
Weather is great sunny and cool. Today Mum took us to the Hamilton Harness Racing which is held on a Monday afternoon here. I always thought harness racing was held at night at weekends, obviously not.  The harness racing track is on the outskirts of town with wide open spaces and views of the Grampian mountains, no crowds,  food and coffee provided by a primary school parents association in typical country Victoria fashion.  
Mum soon lost her money, we did ok though won our money back each race and then a small win on the last race enough to cover our costs for the day. We had a great afternoon out at the races.
Now back to sorting through two months’ worth of mail, bills to pay, addresses to update etc.
Hamilton races and the horse that won us our money


  1. Hi Steve and Trish, I have set Marian and Brian up as a follower so they can see what you are up to. That's if they manage to log easily. We have had a good look at some campervans yesterday, great big Winnibago's and a couple of little ones, we seem to have a lot more choice down at Poole, so that will be our next stop, we are starting to get books and places to see and do leaflets, so you will have plenty to read when you arrive!!!!!! I will chat on an email soon with some of the details about driving the campervan which you might not know.

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