Mount Dundas Scorpions

Trig Mark Mt Dundas Victoria
Finding Scorpions
Most of our time lately has been planning the next trip, helping Mum sort out the garden and packing our things for storage in the back of Mums shed so I can store the 4WD in there as well.
Had to get out for a little while today so headed toward Cavendish to try Australia’s biggest hamburger and saw a small mountain range in the distance with a tower on the peak. Lets go see what is up there!!
Mt Dundas Scorpion
Unfortunately the small restaurant was finished cooking for the day when we arrived so we headed off to try and find a road to the top of the mountain. (if there is a tower there is usually a track). After driving around for a while using the tower for guidance we found the track to the top.
Apparently in 1983 A Bulart farmer says he saw a “mountain lion” near the Dundas Range. Some ferral cats around here can be very big!! But all we saw were scorpions.

Mum could not go near the edge but the views are great of the Southern Grampians hinterland. Also here is a bush fire watchtower and TV transmission tower for the Victorian Western District. Exactly 32k from mums roof antenna.


  1. Hi Steve and Trish, Shirley here, just signing mum up for blogs.
    Hope the cruise is going well.
    Chat soon.xx

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