Slettnes Lighthouse – Norway

Slettnes Lighthouse Norway

Now for the not tourist trap bit – we are one of the many who no longer visit Nordkapp! For us the time and money were better spent seeing other parts of the north, which is a time consuming business as every route away from the main road has to be retraced since there are no car ferries permitting circular routes to be constructed. Slettnes lighthouse on the Nordkynn peninsula (the northernmost mainland lighthouse in the world at over 71ºN) became our Nordkapp, Slettnes Lighthouse is located in Gamvik Municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. It sits along the Barents Sea approximately 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) north of the village of Gamvik on the northern coast of the Nordkinn Peninsula, within the Slettnes Nature Reserve. The 39-metre (128 ft) lighthouse is the only cast iron lighthouse in Finnmark county.

We still had the time and enthusiasm to drive via Vardø (Norway’s easternmost town) to the old fishing village of Hamningberg. Overnighting here gave us the opportunity to wander by the shore in the light of the midnight sun.

There were a lot of Arctic Chives that helped make a tasty dinner

Our Home with amazing views

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