Cadiz – Spain

Cadiz stands on a peninsula jutting out into a bay. Named Gadir by the Phoenicians, who founded this trading post in 1100 BC, it was later controlled by the Carthaginians until it became a thriving roman port. As a launching point for journeys to the “New World”.
Sir Francis Drake later raided Cadiz in the struggle to gain control of trade with America.
The old city looks quite Moorish in appearance and is intriguing with long white houses and narrow cobbled streets opening onto small squares, all punctuated by the golden cupola of the cathedral.

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Street side market Cadiz
Park in Cadiz – Geocaching brought us here
We caught the red open deck bus early in the morning to get our bearings and then walked the old city streets stopping for a coffee and watching people fishing from the old fortifications. A very pleasant day.
Casual Soccer Game Cadiz

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