Motorhome Relocation Brisbane to Melbourne (Day 4) and Home

This morning found us cleaning up the motor home ( cleaning benches, bathroom, emptying water tanks etc.) in preparation for returning it to the Maui depot near Sunshine. Coming down the Hume Highway, gave us a view of the Melbourne Skyline from a direction we hadn’t taken for many years.

Return the motorhome today and make our way by train to Ballarat and then back home to Hamilton Victoria.

Before returning the motor home, we parked in the near bye Sunshine Train station car park. Steven checked out the station to see if Trish could wait there with our baggage while he walked back from returning the motor home. Was found to be not a good idea

All went well at the Maui depot, inspection found all in good order, bond money returned, petrol money handed over after producing our fuel dockets. Taxi drive took us to the train station.

The end of our journey was near. Steven, use to being called ‘pack horse’ now by Trish ( all in good jest) lifted our now heavy bags onto the train which was to take us to Ballarat train station. The train journey was comfortable and Trish found the scenery very picturesque. Steven found it relaxing to be not driving and able to take in the scenery.

Melbourne to Ballarat Train

We had arranged for Mum to met us at Ballarat train station and it was good to see her again. Our journey’s end came at Hamilton Victoria the afternoon of Sunday. Strange to be back with our own bed and belongings after being travelling for two months

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