Caboolture to Wamuran Rail Trail Hike

The Caboolture to Wamuran Rail Trail follows the old Caboolture to Kilcoy railway corridor that closed in 1964. The trail is a 10.5 km long, 3 to 3.5 metre wide shared asphalt and concrete pathway. This is to be my first training hike for the JLF Trek in May. Click HERE to find out more about the JLF Trek and the Jodi Lee Foundation.

Trish dropped me off at the Caboolture trailhead. I walked the trail one way from Caboolture to Wamuran in about 2 hours. The first half of he trail is through residential areas, passing 3 schools and is very much just a really good pathway. The remainder of the path closely follows the road to Wamuran.

The trail is uphill toward Wamuran but that is overstating it. As you would expect it is actually quite flat. It does pass behind a wood mill and there are a few interpretive signs but unfortunately there is not much else to see. It does however have good seating areas, water half way and 3 bike servicing stations. Something I have not seen before.

An excellent, well equipped path if you just want to get some exercise.

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