France–Saint Sylvestre Sur Lot and Step Repaires

Our Home at Sylvestre Sur Lot
100_9240100_9244We stayed an extra day at Steven’s cousins place in Sylvestre Sur Lot. An incident with the steps being left down (third time) and this time colliding with a car tyre in a narrow street! (fortunately no damage to the car!!). Steven picked up the bits and pieces of step from the road helped by some French passers by shouting in French and pointing excitedly to the bits and pieces. The damaged steps called for some significant rebuilding work which took a day or so to complete, including modifications to have the previously disconnected (and now an urgent requirement) warning buzzer made operational again.

We spent a  leisurely evening in conversation with Steven’s cousins and said our farewell’s as in the morning they were heading back to England. We have had a great time here with Marian and Brian and will stay an extra night to give us time to tidy up a few more things and head for the Dordogne Region on the 8th Sep.

Markets at Villenvue Sur Lot
Lot River Villenvue Sur Lot

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