Aquileia –Italy

Roman Ruins and Bell Tower

We arrived at Aquilea about 7:30pm and after a little while driving around the wide local streets found the motorhome parking area which for EUR 10 per day we had to ourselves. Click here for more info on Aquileia.

Aqueliea 11the Century Bell Tower

Nowadays Aquileia is a small town in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of north-east Italy, in the Province of Udine. However, this small settlement, with a population of about 3,000, was once a significant Roman city at the head of the Adriatic about 10 km from the sea, on the river Natissa, with perhaps as many as 200,000 residents. Although it is off Italy’s main tourist routes, this is an important archaeological site with UNESCO World Heritage status.
The roman ruins of the ancient port are still here however the river has since changed course. 

Nice road until you get to the end!
In the morning we drove toward the Basilica and got both stuck and booked by the police for the first time. The navigator said turn right and as we did do noticed the no entry for Motorhome sign. to late to stop we entered the street and soon found out why no motorhomes! turning left the street was to narrow for us, and turning right was a barracade. So with great difficulty we managed to turn around so we could take the only way out  the way we came in. Neither of us noticed the it was also a one way street! as we started down the street the wrong way a nice Italian policeman was walking up the street shaking his head.

Aquiliea Basilica
Aquiliea Basillica

In Italy they levy on the spot fines with the money actually collected on the spot by the police. They went through all our paperwork,  licences, registration, insurance, roadworthy and even for a GB sticker on the back. All was in order and we were fined EUR39 for not obeying the no motorhome sign. A lot less than Steven was expecting.
101_2253When all was done and we were ready to leave the policeman told us where the motorhome parking was (where we had just come from!) stopped all the traffic so we could get out. Then came over to the window shook hands with Steven and with a genuine smile wished us ‘Happy Travels’

We dutifully returned to the motorhome parking area and walked back into town to start our walking tour at the Basilica of Aquileia.

The main square, Piazza Capitolo, a few yards off the main road, is large and picturesque, dominated by the large basilica and its massive eleventh-century white stone campanile (belltower).

Aqueliea Basilica and Roman Tile Flooring
The bells ringing in the Tower LOUD!!

The Roman Port of Aquiliea
The Roman Port of Aquiliea

The archaeological remains easily found every where, bear witness of its illustrious past. We walked past the old Roman port, 

by the Roman forum the centre of Roman city life with its offices, temples, shops, porches and monuments.

Roman House Ruins floor tile mosaics  still there

We returned to the Hymermobile and decided to take the bus in to Grado tomorrow.

Roman Spa
Roman floor tiles
Aquileia View from Bell Tower
Aquileia View from Bell Tower
Aquileia View from Bell Tower
Roman floor tiles
Roman floor tiles
Basilica floor is of Roman tiles
Roman Port of Aquileia
Roman Port of Aquileia
Roman Port of Aquileia
Roman Port of Aquileia
Roman Port of Aquileia
Roman Forum
Trish and Police Aquileia Italy

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