Dubai–United Arab Emirates

We have been expecting warm weather by now but our entry into Dubai proved to be surprisingly cool. The approach into Dubai was cold 17 deg and windy. The city was shrouded in haze making it hard to see the city outline clearly yet the city skyline of towering skyscrapers was still impressive though shrouded in haze.  

We arrived later than scheduled into Dubai, due to a problem with one of the ships engines so to make the most of the time we had ashore 101_6824we decided to take the Big Bus Tours to see as much of the city possible. Seated on the open deck proved cold and windy but was a good way to see the towering buildings, people and beaches. The audio guide was again an informative way of finding out the history and names of the buildings and city.

The tour took us into the streets of the famous Jumeirah Palm Island101_6847 where there are row after row of exclusive houses which lead to the beach and can be seen from outer space. The Burj Al Arab Hotel is also impressive. The hotel resembles a billowing sail 321 metres high and dominates the Dubai coastline and is known as “The Pearl of the Arabian Gulf. For $28,000 you can spend a luxurious night on the highest floor.
We hopped off the bus at the Wafi Mall, a shopping complex filled with famous designer clothing, cosmetics, electronic and lighting stores. The mall is well known for the indoor snow skying playground where children were enjoying riding the ski lift and tobogganing down the slopes, a contrast to the usual hot outdoor weather. 101_6874

As the bus was not as frequent as we thought, time ran short so we missed out on going up the towering Burj Halifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, disappointing for Steven as this was one thing he would have liked to have done while here yet seeing how it was hazy the view would have been limited, maybe another time.
Back aboard the Oriana, we set sail for the next leg of the journey towards Mumbai with the extra security presence on board scanning the seas for the threat of piracy.

Dubai is the second-largest of the seven emirates of the Unites Arab Emirates ( UAE).It is on the southern shore of the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai City is the main commercial centre of the UAE, the rest of the emirate is desert with very few inhabitants. It is a place of fascinating contrasts, a blend of modern city and timeless desert, east and west, old and new. Dubai is one of the world’s fastest growing cities.
Yes it does get COLD!!!!


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