Sanur Beach – Bali – Indonesia

Today we sailed into the waters of Bali. The ship anchored 1 or 2 kilometres off shore outside of of the port of Benoa. The tenders were used to transport us through the heads of Benoa harbour and to the port. From here we were bombarded with persistent taxi drivers. Finding that there was no were to go at the end of the port road we agreed to the fare into the beach side town of Sanur.

Here we walked along the street side path past clothing and souvenir stalls down a side road to the beach walkway. We wandered along the path taking in the ocean views, colourful fishing boats, sunbathing bodies on beach chairs, massages in progress, children playing, cafes and bars and fishermen standing waist-deep in the waters. One fishermen wore his motorbike helmet, flying fish hazard maybe?? Well a good way of saving the helmet from being stolen of his parked motor bike.

After a long stroll in the tropical heat we settled ourselves under a shady tree at a beach side bar/cafe. Steven quenched his thirst with a bottle of Bintang beer while Trish enjoyed a cool lemonade.

Trish still having a few more souvenirs for family and friends to purchase we made our way back to the main street. Trish found that  the price for clothing is now somewhat higher than in previous visits to Bali though still enjoyed the challenge of bartering for some clothing for our granddaughters’ back home plus a T shirt for Steven.

Steven feeling the need to quench his thirst again after waiting for Trish found a  cafe/bar with WIFI to rest and enjoy a few beers and a good meal of Nasi Goring while Trish enjoyed a one hour full body massage, tough hey??

We found this part of Bali cleaner than our last visit and not the cement rubble and uneven paths like last time. The beach was clean and sweep and we had an enjoyable day here.

Now time to catch a taxi back to the port. This was a bit of a concern as the taxi driver was unsure of the location of our port. After some discussion between Steven and the driver and the viewing of a basic map we had, the taxi drive radioed his home base and we were on our way. 

As the time was getting close for us to catch the last tender back to the ship, we were a bit concerned when our driver took us a different way. A wrong turn took us down a dirt track and onto a different road. Steven spotted our ship out in the harbour and the driver now new the road to take. This drive only took 10 minutes and 40,000 rupiah while the drive in took 30 minutes and 150,000 rupiah.

Sunset Sail away and ont to DARWIN  we are very excited….

Bali hai cruise back to the ship
Bali Hai Cruise back to the ship
Sunset Dinner
Theater every night

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