Humpty Doo to West Alligator Head Kakadu

Humpty Doo to Kakadu 5th – 7th October 2012

Bark Hut Inn Friday 5th October 2012
Late afternoon we packed the caravan and hitched it up to our Navarra and set off from our new home in Humpty Doo on our daughter’s new property and headed up the Arnhem Highway towards Kakadu National Park.

Bark Hut Inn Caravan Parking Area 

We decided to stay in the Bark Hut Inn. This is a very rustic hi way inn made of wood as the name suggests. It has a camp ground and Caravan Park. The outback adventure tours stop here and patrons spend the night in fixed tents.

Evening Walk Bark Hut Inn

One deciding factor of staying here was the pool which looked inviting. Only thing was it was closed to chemical cleaning process, so we set off for our usual evening walk. 

Just before dark the only hill with
phone reception

Our walk took us through the cattle station grazing paddocks behind the Bark Hut Inn. On sunset we climbed the small hill just behind the caravan park and were rewarded with a lovely view of hills and a lagoon down in the valley and intermittent phone reception.

After a BBQ and salad dinner we settled for the night to watch movies from our hard drive as there was no TV or phone reception here so made for a good night.

This trip is more of a reconnaissance mission and our plan tomorrow is to venture into the North Western area of Kakadu into an area we had never been before and see what is there.

West Alligator Head Saturday 6th October 2012

We were up early this morning ready to explore an 81k long track we knew was here with some good fishing holes and ended at the West Alligator Head on the coast. With picnic lunched packed and some refreshing drinks in the fridge we set off up the Arnhem Highway and into Kakadu National Park.

Two Mile Hole Kakadu

After 36km of bitumen we reached the dirt track turn-off for Two Mile Hole on the Wildman River. Travelling for around 10km on the corrugated track we reached Two Mile Hole which is a picturesque green section of the river surrounded by trees and woodland.

Green Tree Ant Nest we Walked into

On our nature walk we were soon reminded why not to scrape against the leaves of the trees in the Northern Territory bush, we were attacked by green ants and had to succumb to de-robing to get them out of our clothes. 

The Green Ant Biting Dance

The green tree ants build their nests in the trees by pulling the leaves together in a ball like shape. 

More Pleasant Wildlife
Kakadu Wallabe

As any Bushwalker up here will attest brush past a nest and they attack!! get into your clothes and bite!! Then the march flies took over so we headed back to the car to move to our next destination.

Once again on the corrugated track we drove on and reached Four Mile Hole, this time driving a long distance through such varied vegetation, from tall gums to paper barks in the wetlands, back to Cycads and gums and once again into flood plains to reach the water hole. 

4 Mile Hole Kakadu

Fishermen were already out in their boats trolling under the branches of the trees overhanging the waterhole where water lilies lined the banks. 

4 Mile Hole kakadu

This is a great camping area on the open flood plain. Such a pretty place yet you have to remember the salt water crocodiles like to camp here as well. Lilies lined the banks, shady trees near the water to park and camp under. There is also ample signage put here by the rangers warning of the dangers.

4 Mile Hole Eagle seemed interested in us

We were fortunate to witness the catching of a good size Barramundi (well over the legal limit of 55cm) by a fishermen standing next to a large overhanging tree.

Jabaru’s West Alligator River Floodplain

Once again in the Navarra we headed now the longer less used part of the track for the North coast. This part of the track has deep corrugations turning into sand on some parts. We came across a billabong not far off the road which was alive with bird life.

Birdlife around the remaining pools West Alligator River Floodplain

West Alligator River Flood Plain Kakadu

 We reached the flood plains and were treated to large flocks of Jabirus and other birds feeding in the last remains of water until the monsoon rains come again.

Caution had to be taken on this part of the track due to deep ruts where mud lurked not far below the surface.

Driving on we finally reached the coast where the river meets the ocean. A section of the beach is fenced to prevent driving on the beach as sea turtles nest on the beach. 

A sign on the gate warned of crocodiles in the area and boxed jelly fish. We have marked this place as a good place to camp overnight in the turtle breeding season to watch the turtles come up the beach and lay their eggs.

Polock Beach
West Alligator Head Kakadu
West Alligator Head kakadu
No Swimming for Trish!!
Mangroves West Alligator River

Walking on the beach, Trish as always the cautious and on the look-out for crocodiles, we headed first to see the turtle nests dug out in the sand just above high tide mark. The tide was in the process of going out so we had time to walk in the other direction to explore the mangroves. Steven was hoping for a feed of mangrove worms or mud crabs but Trish would not go in and get them.

Turtle nesting Sites West Alligator Head Kakadu
Turtle Conservation Area West Alligator head

After a restful lunch lounging in the shade of the trees and watching the ocean with a cold drink we headed back for the 81km journey to the highway and then to head back to the caravan park for the night.

The pool was now open but we decided to take a walk, well Trish did as Trish wanted to try for phone reception as it was near dark Steven had to climb up the hill as well and returning by torchlight. The day was complete with a BBQ dinner and watching of a movie as our evening’s entertainment.

Sunday 7th October 2012
Well, all good things come to an end and this morning Steven had to pull out the lap top spend a few hours working, but we were by the pool at 11am relaxing with a cool swim pretending we were miles from anywhere, which of course we were.

This afternoon we will head back to the block in Humpty Doo to set up again for the week and back into the grind of every day events.

Evening Walk Bark Hut Inn
2 Mile Hole Camp ground kakadu
Mary River NT
Jabiru West Alligator River Floodplain

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