Motorhome Hunting and the Somerset Coal Canal

Trish Trying out a Motor Home

It is hard to believe we have been here two weeks already!! We are staying at Stevens cousin Shirley and Kelly until we can purchase a motorhome and begin our European tour. Since we arrived we have been busy scouring all the classifieds and visiting every motorhome dealer in the region, private sellers as well.

We are being very well looked after with good company, good food, accommodation and the loan of a car for which we are very grateful as it has allowed us to take our time in finding the most suitable motorhome. 

 We have allowed a maximum price 25,000 GBP for the purchase of a motorhome and have found 3-4 that are what we are after, unfortunately, as is usually the case, are at the top end, or over  our budget! 

Waving on top of Dundas Aqueduct
Trish on Dundas Aqueduct
Today  Shirley and Kelly took us all the way to Wales to look at a Hymer motor home that met most of our requirements and is within our budget and hope to close the deal in the next day or so. Finding insurance has been very difficult. Downunder Insurance  is only  insurance company we can find that will insure a motorhome if you have not been a resident in the UK. This comes at a price 1500 GBP for 1 year. So if anyone else is contemplating motor homing in Europe then budget for the insurance cover, MOT, TAX etc of around A$ 3000.

Trish and Shirley and Somerset Canal Boat

On the way back from Wales we stopped at the Somerset Coal Canal and the  Dundas Aqueduct .  We had a casual stroll along the towpath looking at the narrow boats docked for the night and those permanently moored along the canal and walked over the Dundas Aqueduct.

The Somerset Coal Canal was a narrow canal built around 1800 to provide access from the Somerset coalfield, which at its peak contained 80 collieries, to London. Click read more below for more photos………..


Steven at Somerset Canal

Shirley Kelly Steven at Somerset Canal
Trish in Park Bournmouth

Bournemouth Pier

Hopefully we will have our motorhome in the next few days!!

Motor home or two sports cars???

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